Monday, 16 March 2015

Party like it's, well, a party :)

Hey heads up party people, I'm having a little party over in Facebook land; you are ALL invited! There will be games, laughs, chair dancing, web surfing, and prizes to be won so grab your bevvie of choice, get in some comfy clothes and WAIT... till Sunday!

Add your friends to the party and I will send you a LOADED brochure, that is a brochure FILLED with samples!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Hey folks, just giving you the heads up that you can join Avon FREE this weekend (March 12-15). The straight goods is that if you wait and join after the 15th, it only costs $10 and you make that back right away so take your time, and when you're ready, if you would like an invitation, send me a message to Avon ladies receive 25%+ off (even sales prices), meet a bunch of cool new people, have the opportunity to receive free training-- and that's just the beginning! There's never any pressure to sell at Avon, but we will train you and equip you so you can be the best Avon Lady you can be.
Since I joined I've really enjoyed trying all sorts of Avon products and picking out my favourites. Here's one that I just started using that I think is pretty fantastic!

AVON ELEMENTS youth restoring multi purpose lotion + serum

In our current campaign (8) you can buy two items on pages 82-83 for 14.99 which is a 60% savings.  I love this lotion because it's not only hydrating (e.g. water) it's also moisturizing (oil) which my very dry skin needs. It also is nourishing (plant ceramides) which my skin seems to need as well. Love it!

Any of the avon elements products are great for sensitive skin! Find what works for you, we have all sorts of different types of products, for everybody!

Click here for the current brochure:

And get the jump on the next brochure:

Any questions? Feel free to reach me at my email:

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Our 12 items for $30 Deal is back so if you need to stock up (for gifts or just if you love to save!), this is a great opportunity!

Click here to save now:

Here is the current catalog for languid perusal:
Here is the next catalog:

The weekend is coming everyone, I'm pretty excited! Have a good rest of the week and blog at you soon!

xoxo Jacquie

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sun Induced Revelations

And the sun bursts through the clouds, reminding us all that there is life left to be lived after a Vancouver winter. I use the term 'winter' loosely of course. Here on the west coast, we seldom get the chance to watch the snow fall in front of a roaring fire. But we do get to light candles on a drizzly day, have a hot bath when we're soaked to the bone from playing outside, eat chicken noodle soup to the sound of pitter-pattering on the roof above. I don't know about you but i've gotten creative at times to brighten up dreary days using fresh, happy scents, cheerful colours, and upbeat music. Don't all Vancouverites have a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Isn't it impossible to escape the effects of the changes in light? Feel free to share below different things you've tried to lift your mood or create one specifically.  Here are some suggestions from the Campaign 6 Brochure that will help set a mood this spring!

A lot of women just FEEL better when they have lipstick on! I wonder if they've studied this phenomenon? lol Shop now for $7.99 from $10 or wait for Campaign 8 (5 lipsticks for $20!)

Set the mood with Avon Passion, "A bold statement of sparkling star fruit, sensual jasmine and alluring vanilla bourbon."

These three items for $29.99 (save 50%!)

Create some ambiance with Avon candles. Very fragrant, burn for 30 hours. Dewy Lilacs Candle "Notes of fresh dewy lilacs, sparkling bergamot, baby jasmine petals and sheer musk." $12.99

Feel relaxed...

Avon Bubble Delight Bubble Bath 9.99 ea or 2 for $12!
Pomegranate & Peony 373-900
Cucumber Melon 383-798
Sensitive Skin 383-796
Lavender Garden 383-797
Cherry Blossom 102-365-4
Soft Pink 405-993
Endless Ocean 447-826
Vanilla Cream 383-829
Up to 24 bubble baths in every bottle. Dermatologically tested.

I wish you fabulous feelings today and until my next blog :) To shop for any of these items and others, click the links below.

xoxo Jacquie

Current Brochure:

Next Brochure: 

Friday, 20 February 2015

If You Scratch it, We Will Come

This is a blog specifically for those of you who are PARCHED this time of year, or all year round! I FEEL YOUR PAIN. All day long I habitually apply lotions and creams, oils, moisturizers: YOU NAME IT to create some type of barrier against the dry air. I have a product at all of my stations: In the car, in my purse, on the armrest of the couch, on the nightstand, and of course in the bathroom. I wonder sometimes what it must be like not to have eczema, to be able to shower and go, and to not have these bottles of products everywhere. But I guess everyone has their thing :)

I get eczema on my face (of all places), my neck and décolleté, and the inside of my elbows. For a few years when it first became a problem the doctors misdiagnosed it so I had no idea how to treat it and it got out of hand. I finally figured it out (by process of elimination) and went to the actual Eczema Society of Canada ( and learned there what I had been doing wrong all along. If it helps, this is in a nutshell what I learned, but go to the website and research for yourself if you think you may have eczema.
1. Wash the area twice per day
2. Moisturize after washing while the area is still damp
4. If the area itches, put more moisturizer on it

Those four points have helped me to get my eczema under control.
One thing that's really important is finding a good quality cream, one that won't irritate the already broken skin, that will moisturize and provide a barrier.
What many people don't know is that Avon has great products for sensitive/eczema prone skin. Our Moisture Therapy Derma 'Soothing' line is accepted by the National Eczema Association. Really any of the moisture therapy line will help most people.  Right now we have a body wash and a body lotion in the 'Soothing' line. I'm hoping they'll bring out a hand cream too!

These products are on for $7.99 (reg. $12) in the current campaign so stock up! I'm not too too sensitive so I can use Avon's other moisturizers, I find they are good enough on healthy areas of skin,  but on my eczema I have to use a product like this one.
I love Skin So Soft for the bath, the way it LOCKS the moisture into my skin and really it's an easier way to moisturize than applying lotion ;) Okay yes I'm lazy lol! If I dunk my head i'll have the greasies until i shower but i just put my hair up and let my hair soak in all that oil. Anybody else got dry hair too? lol
Here's the new packaging for Skin So Soft:

 The 500 ml bottle is $9.99 from $16.99 in Campaign 6.
So Avon really wants to be there for you with all the moisture you need day to day.
I went to my Avon meeting tonight and I want to prepare you for a lipstick sale coming up in Campaign 8. Don't buy any lipstick until then! 5 lipsticks for $20!

Hey, thanks for reading and here's a gratuitous picture of my cat just because I can:

lol Take care and until next time,

Jacquie xoxo

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Be Prepared!

Or something like that! When I was a Girl Guide many, many, many years ago, that was our motto. Nowadays I still make crafts like I did back then, I plan camping trips that I rarely go on, but most of my forays into the forest are when I'm geocaching. Geocaching, for any of you who don't know yet, is basically a treasure hunt. You use an app on your phone to locate a Cache in your area and you travel to it on foot using a compass. The caches are disguised in tricky ways so that others not looking for them won't accidentally stumble upon them; your spidey senses need to be fully engaged. Here's a cache I found yesterday just behind the apartment building where I live. There are probably caches within walking distance from your home too:

Do you see it? It's a little magnetic box attached to the back of this lamp post. Inside is a small piece of paper to record your geocaching alias. Sometimes the caches are much bigger with small items inside to trade. Every time you find a cache, you log it with and gradually your list of finds grows.

Must Haves For the Journey:

SkinSoSoft has so many benefits and uses, one of which is as an insect repellent! Have a SkinSoSoft bath in the morning and be bug free for your romp in the wilderness, your friends will stick close to you lol A large size bottle is half price in Campaign 5 ($9.99)

Sunscreen (of course). All the effort we put into our skin can be undone quickly by a few hours in the sun. Avon Skin Revitalize with Aronia Berry Complex SPF 20 $15.99 Buy one get 1 for 99 cents on pages 76-77 of C 5

 Lipstick! I know, what kind of girl guide troop was I a part of? I suggest bringing lipstick because you never know who you'll meet ;) I fell in love with my boyfriend geocaching... aaaah so long ago... Ultra Color Lipstick (not pictured here) is 20% off in Campaign 5, that's $7.99 from $10

This is my current favourite Avon perfume for geocaching. Why? See above! The 3 pc collection of Luck for Her (including Eau de Parfum spray, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion) are on for $30 from $65 in C5

I'm pretty excited that we're starting to see some nicer weather, I'm hoping to get out more and find some caches. Have a great week and let me know if you need anything from C5 or C6,

Stay gorgeous,

Jacquie xoxo

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Next Brochure:

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask!

Thot I'd give you a little sneak peek into a new product coming up in Campaign 7. I'm taking preorders now! It's ANEW's Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask. Unlike heavier creams and masks, the ultra-lightweight gel formula is absorbed by skin instantly and works while you sleep. This means, you don't have to leave it on for a specified amount of time and there's no need to wipe or wash it off! It can be worn over your Anew Night Cream :)
I can tell already this product will be popular, women of all ages want a hydrated, youthful-looking complexion. Dehydration is a top skin care concern among women, and many don't know that dehydrated skin can accelerate the look of aging by emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles.
The Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask infuses the skin with moisture during the night- a vital repair time for skin. Use 3x per week alone or with your Anew regimen.

$22.00 in C7 Reg. $32
I'll have samples to hand out at the end of February, I can't wait to try it! Contact me for your sample or to preorder!

xoxo Jacquie

Order from the current catalog here:

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

12 Items for $30!!

Hey just a quick note in my blog for those of you who love avon, or maybe you need some new makeup but you're saving your money. Right now you can pick out 12 makeup and skincare items for only $30.00 (reg approx $118). Great way to stock up! Great for gifts! This promo is only on until tmo evening so let me know what your choices are!

Here's the link:

You may be able to shop online if you're not living on the island:

Have a great night and ttysoon!
xoxo Jacquie

Monday, 9 February 2015


So I've been challenged by Avon to sell a certain amount of their fun stuff, and I like a challenge! Please help me out by considering shopping avon for your home and beauty products this month.  And until I reach my goal, NO TAX on your purchase :)

Here are some of the cool products I'm proud to represent:

Avon's Liquid Extraction Strip!

See tighter, cleaner and smaller-looking pores. Great for hard to reach spots like the contours of the nose 30ml 410-586 Reg $14.00 NOW $9.99

Order Here:

Moisture Therapy for various skin types on SALE in Campaign 5!

I'm not far from my goal! Remember you can order from anywhere in Canada, Avon will direct ship :)
Click Here:


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Dark Rumblings

The rain may be getting to me. I sense a quiet darkness in my soul. My friend Sam cracked a joke at me this morning; the doorknob had broken off in her hand. I physically couldn't laugh. We both kinda stood there waiting. She giggled and I stood there with a blank stare willing a sound to come from my mouth. If it had it would have come out something like this: ha. ha. ha.  Like a ball bouncing down a staircase in slow motion.
I'm honestly not that interested in blogging today. I don't feel very interesting right now.  But I'm telling myself that I'm not the first or the only sad person in the world and that maybe there's someone out there who can relate. And so I blog anyway :)
 If someone could take a picture of my soul right now this is what it would look like.

Aromatherapy helps. I'm totally addicted to it. I think it all started when I was selling Scentsy. It continued with Avon because I have so many memories associated with the scent of their products.

Here are the products that are making it almost ok right now: Avon Luck and Skin So Soft. I use some epsom salts and a little SSS in the bath. If I want bubbles of course I have a mad selection of Avon Bubble bath lol

 $9.99 (from $19.99)


Hey, thanks for letting me get some thoughts out into the world wide web :). I'll be taking orders for Avon Campaign 5 until Feb 25th, click below and SHOP (another mood enhancing activity :D)

Don't forget you can order online from all over Canada :)

xoxo Jacquie

Friday, 6 February 2015

Avon Memories

One of my best Avon memories is of my avon lady, Helen Nagy, as was written on the back of her brochures. She would come by our house and my mum and I would go through the brochure with her. Sometimes I would be allowed to pick something out! One time I got what was probably my first lipstick. It was a cream coloured tube and pinky/coral inside. And so began my shopping addiction lol
Another memory I have of Avon is closely connected to my late Nana. She had a lot of avon products and I remember her bathroom having that comforting Avon scent. She would give me old Avon perfume bottles telling me they would be worth a lot some day. They're not (not yet ;)) but I perch the little animal shaped figures around my home because they remind me of her :)
I think that's why I became an Avon lady-- the associations I have with the company. Plus the prices are great, and they have some really good products.
So those are my thoughts on this drizzly Friday, feel free to share some of your Avon memories!

Still not too late to purchase an ANEW product and receive the ANEW Eyelift for FREE! Purchase an item from pages 3-9 in your Campaign 4 brochure for $24.99 (from $30) and receive a FREE eye lift (below)...

Anew Eyelift

Click here to order today!

You can also take a look at the next campaign:

It's Friday!!

until next time,
xoxo Jacquie

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Comfort When it's Dark and Drizzly

It's drizzly out folks. We're approaching my least favourite time of year actually. There's just this long stretch of rainy months and not a lot of fun holidays to brighten things up. Kind of feels like you're marching through a dark tunnel. We know spring is coming! It's just enduring until it comes lol
Some things that make the journey to spring a little more enjoyable for me are:

Mmmmmm... this one's a good one. 

And of course:

Aaaaaah... Who cares what it's doing outside if you're in here? My all time fave Avon product right now is Skin So Soft, Soft and Sensual with Argan Oil. It smells amazing and it nurtures your skin while you soak. 

$9.99 from $19.99 in Campaign 5

I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine, but let me know if you need anything from the brochure order online here:


Monday, 2 February 2015

Red, Red Wine

I've heard life described as the act of juggling all the areas of your life around in the air.
One ball always ends up on the ground.
I'm feeling pretty good about my life; the family ball is orbiting through the air. The home ball is lifting out of my left hand. The money ball is resting in my right hand.
But there's a ball on the ground--for sure.
I'm sipping some red wine and dreaming about that right moment when i can reach for the last ball, knowing another one will likely hit the floor.
I don't have any Avon suggestions for you tonight as I sit here with my Olive, but I will say that there are only two more days of this campaign so if you wanted something i'd get after it! lol

This is the current campaign:

And this is the next one:

Oh I tried Avon Bubblebath to wash my floors this week (I had heard rave reviews!) but I must further experiment as I had some technical issues.  I'll try it again next week and update you ALL :)

Jacquie & Olive

Saturday, 31 January 2015

To The Male Populace...

Just nestled in here with kitty sleeping under my legs-- does your cat do that? She crawls underneath the duvet and sleeps under my bent knees. Sweet girl :)) I hope everyone has had a great Saturday. I just have a few thoughts before I disappear into a novel, and then to sleep...
Avon has some good buys for men. I say this because I've talked to a few of my guy friends about my business and they all kind of became pale with fear and started backing away like I'm selling used tampons or something. Lol!
Avon actually has deodorant in various fragrances for only a dollar (for men). We have many colognes, jewelry, watches, clothing, shoes. We always have new items with their favourite hockey team's logo on it.
This is what we've got goin' on in Campaign 4 for the guys:

Black Suede Eau de Toilette Spray on for half price $9.99 from $20. Sure, maybe you want to smell it first but with Avon's awesome return policy you can buy it to try it and return it if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Bonus Sized Men's Deodorant 99 cents from $1.99 Comes in all sorts of flavours!

Batman Watch on for $29.99 from $39.99

Those are just a few of the items on special for men in the Campaign 4 Avon brochure. If you would like to see what else is there, shop online by cutting and pasting this address into your browser:

When you shop online, you can shop from anywhere in Canada! The shipping fees are reasonable and delivery is fast.

So I'm off to disappear into a novel. Until we meet again!

Jacquie xoxo
(& Olive)

Hands Up!

Hands up if you are the type of person who prefers to read books online, on your computer or an e-reader. There are a lot of you out there. I haven't gone as far as bought an e-reader but I have read books on my computer. For me, if there are books involved, i'm not picky!

What about those of you who can't get enough of dusty, musty, paper pages, the weight of a novel in your hand, using your favourite bookmarks...? I must admit, I personally would rather read a paperback than anything else, and so I can understand when my customers request a physical version of the avon brochure. Sure, the brochure is available online for free and you can order right there as well, but I get it folks. I get it.

Let me tell you about my dear aunties (I don't think they'd mind). At all the family gatherings, first thing in the morning they can be seen drinking coffee (let's put things in order of importance ;), putting on makeup, and going through Avon catalogs together. It's a ritual. That's something that could probably be done with a few laptops, I admit, but I'm telling you IT'S NOT THE SAME.

So if you'd like an Avon catalog to flip through over coffee with a friend, or for your own unique Avon rituals, send me an email and I will send you one or drop one off.

I get it!

xoxo Jacquie

P.S. Tell me about some of your Avon Rituals :)
PPS. For you die hard internetters:

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Campaign 5 Sneak Peek...

So I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into the next Campaign. It can be a little confusing with the different Campaigns (I'm pretty new to it myself) but Campaign 4 is the current campaign and you can shop for that here:

Just cut and paste the link above into your browser.

Ultra Sexy Pink fragrance is MAJORLY ON SALE

Eau de Toilette Spray $15 from $25
Luminous Body Moisturizer $6 from $12
Bath Nectar $6 from $12
Campaign 4.
Perfume is hard to buy without smelling first, but with avon you can always return a product that you don't like :)

Here is Campaign (5), order now and reserve your products.

Shop Campaign 5 here:

That's it for now! Be awesome, be cool,


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Keep Calm and Order Avon...

So, we all join Avon for different reasons. Some people want a new business, some people just want a discount on Avon products for themselves, some people want a way to meet new people. Please share if you joined Avon and you have a unique reason :) I joined for all those reasons I guess, but part of the reason I joined was also so that I could have the experience of setting goals, working towards them, and hopefully, occasionally, achieving those goals.

Avon sets up incentives for their reps to keep them motivated and focused on their business. The one I'm working on right now is, if I sell $350-$1149 I will receive a 25% discount on all my personal purchases from avon for a year, and that comes off of sale prices too! Your purchases from this campaign will go toward this goal. If you would like to purchase something from me, look at Campaign 4:

and shop online anywhere in Canada. If you live in the Nanaimo area, feel free to send me an email at and I will order your items for you :)

If you would like to join Avon too, click Join Avon on the home page of that link.

Thank you for your support!

xoxo Jacquie

Friday, 23 January 2015

It's Almost THAT Time of Year Again...

And by THAT time of year I mean the time when couples in love go out for dinner and feed each other chocolate and annoy the rest of us with their public displays of affection. This year I will probably only be half aware of the pink holiday and spend the evening on my couch. What about you? Married to the love of your life? Escaping the holiday by going on a fabulous trip outta here? I wish. I believe there is big love in my future but at the moment it is evading me.

And so I turn to my one solace in this cruel world of pink holidays: perfume. I have a bit of an obsession. I have way more perfume (and shower gel for that matter) than any one woman could possibly need. This is the one I JUST bought and I'm waiting anxiously for it to arrive:

On sale for a few more days for $14.99 from $30!

Here are a couple more that I will probably have before the next major holiday lol

Just give me time!
So have an awesome St Valentine's Day because it isn't just for the lovers. It's about beauty and indulgence and don't we all need a little of that every once in a while?

xoxo Jacquie

Shop Campaign 4 Today!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reward Thyself

So I'm on a diet right now, as some of you know and for the most part I feel pretty great about the changes I'm making in my life. I'm eating a bit less, losing some weight and I'm fighting those all too familiar urges to drown my sorrows in a waist high bag of chips. Most of the time I feel a lot better now that I'm not bloated all the time, now that I'm not always over eating. But sometimes life threatens to get the better of me and I reeeeeally want to jump ship from this whole dieting thing. Like last night. A lot of personal issues seemed to be converging on me and I had made the unfortunate mistake of PURCHASING some bad food. Those of you who also struggle with their weight know the temptation of the unhealthy options calling to you from the cupboard.
I made it through. I don't know how. This was actually the first really bad temptation in two weeks. I'm really trying to focus on other things that make me happy like my hobbies, my business, and a little on the other unhealthy fixations in my life lol Like shopping! People need to reward themselves for their hard work. Have a look at Campaign 4 and see if there might be something in there that will give you the energy you need to keep fighting your daily battles.

Thanks for reading,

Jacquie xoxo

Monday, 19 January 2015

Avon Bubble Bath-- Who Knew?

I just love a hot, fragrant bubble bath, almost as much as I love a clean house! With Avon you can have both using their line of bath bubbles in many different fragrances. Clean your house, then slip into a soothing hot bath :)  Here are some ideas I've come across, of different ways Avon customers are using their Avon bubble bath in their cleaning and household chores:

-car wash
-handwashing delicates
-window cleaner
-floor wash
-dish soap
-pet shampoo
-jewelry cleaner

And Avon Bubble bath is always a great price. Check out the current campaign for the deals on right now :)

Have a great week!


Saturday, 17 January 2015

What Are Your INSTINCTS Telling You??

Are you looking for an Avon Lady in nanaimo? I live on the north end and would be happy to help you with whatever you need. Campaign 3 is almost over, have a look for yourself at all the great deals on beauty and fragrance items.

You might have to copy and paste the link above into your browser!

INSTINCT perfume, only $14.99 from $30 just in time for Valentine's Day:

What are your INSTINCTS telling you??


Until next time,

Jacquie xoxo